Monday, April 26, 2010

.Dusk, on Anzac Day

Long shadows over the valley as the sunset is reflected on the trees that line the roadside.
Ten minutes later...please click to enlarge the pictures...the colour has changed to a fiery red. Days are becoming noticeably shorter. Having worked for the last 3 days cutting out a very large feral blackberry, I was able to take this shot below.
With the sun set now to my right looking over the valley. the end of another days hard work.

And at the going down of the sun.....we will remember them.
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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Yes, the days are certainly becoming shorter, we have had nice sunsets (and sunrises) lately. My council has cut down all the feral blackberries that I collected from, I'm thinking about growing one (not feral) in my garden instead of relying on feral ones.

Olive said...

Pip, my advice to you is....DON'T DO IT !! They are all feral in the end. The people at Perry's fruit & nut nursery say that even the thornless type revert to thorny bushes after a while.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Beautiful post :).

Thank you for your comments on my blog re bread. Am really interested in the linseed idea, and will check out the the recipe books you mentioned.

When Mumndad were living up in Orange they had a blackberry problem on their property. Dad would rip them out then have a bonfire over where the roots were, and only then would they admit defeat and not resprout.


Velvet Over Steel said...

What a beautiful picture! Glad I stumbled upon you & I love the name of your blog!! :-) Following & I will be back!

Olive said...

Thanks for dropping in Coreen,and for your kind remarks. We live in a small part of Paradise here, high in the hills surrounding Adelaide.