Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Growing older.

This photograph is me sitting astride Bonnie, a trotting horse. My Nanna used to keep and race trotting horses and after she passed away my Uncle Don (mother's brother) took over with the horses. I then livedin the same house with Uncle and wife until I was sixteen years old
In this shot I was 13 years old, (can't remember being so skinny !) My dress canary yellow, made by my Mother.
I wont bore my readers with heaps of pictures taken through the years because I'm mostly doing this for my family. I have chosen some that portray me as HAPPY. That's how I want to be today. The one above was taken in my early 40's and the last in my early 70's.
My apologies for being indulgent today, but this, being a MILESTONE birthday, I feel I'm entitled to be. Now only have another 25 years to wait before the Queen's congratulatory telegram. Not really, she probably wont be Queen then and I probably wont be here LOL
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Maggie said...

What a lovely post, Happy Birthday Joy.
We look forward to seeing you reach 100.
Sometimes it is good to look back and think about all the things that have happened in our lives.

Olive said...

Thank you Maggie, Yes its good to look back but wouldn't want to go there. Some tough times during those years. Wonder where life's journey will take us in the future.