Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autumn in the Mt. Lofty Ranges

Here, I thought I'd share some beautiful scenery with my readers. I drive this road three or four times a week to collect my mail from the local Post Office and today (hooray !! I remembered to take the camera. The vineyards are beginning to change from green to yellow before they finally shed their leaves for the winter. This a tad under 3 kms from where we live. If you look at the horizon, our place is behind the trees approximately one third in from the left of the picture. How lucky are we to live here, simply beautiful.

To the left of the vines are apple orchards and here the apples are ripe for picking, I notice that the orchardist has the bins ready to collect them. The aroma from the ripening apples hanging in the sunshine...delicious !! I'm so glad I took the camera today.
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Mickle in NZ said...

It looks incredibly beautiful - I love hills (which is useful living in Wellington, lol). You have many lovely shades of green there.

Michelle and a non-sleeping Zebby, xxx and purrrrrumble