Monday, October 31, 2011

Rats tail cacti


This delightful plant in my sun room has put on a gorgeous display this year. Like Jack's beanstalk, it has grown and grown but in the opposite direction, lol
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I just went out and measured it and its about 6 foot long !!


Olive said...

Meeka, thanks for dropping in, I accidently hit the delete button for your comment.....sorry. You know what they say, dont let an old woman loose on a computer. lol

Meeka said...

haha!! It's a beautiful cactus, and I am going to keep my eye out for one on my plantie travels, thanks for sharing the lovely flowers with us! :)

Olive said...

Gotcha that time Meeka !!
Where do you live? If you're around near here you could have a piece of the one I have growing on my verandah. It's where I took the pieces of this one from but because it is growing under shelter it has performed much better.