Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peas, tomato and rhubarb

The peas are flowering at last. I have experimented with Pete Cundall's wood charcoal soil impover, and it seems that the peas I used it on have more flowers than those where I didn't.

The tomato plants are not doing as well as the Veggie Gnomes. I'll have to try something different

My rhubarb seems as if its about to flower, any suggestions ? Maybe I should cut it off ? This plant, I thought was dead, then suddenly it started to shoot new growth, so perhaps it is flowering because it too, thought it was about to die. Some sort of survival technique ?
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Elizabeth said...

Jaygee, cut off the flower from the rhubarb. It will take the energy away from the stalk that is needed to
make the plant strong.
Good looking plant!

Veggie Gnome said...

I would cut off the flower. You don't want the plant to spend any energy on growing the flower.

Hmm... maybe start the tomatoes inside first (near the lovely warm fire) and when they are starting to turn into teenagers you can put them into your cold frame. :)

Jaygee said...

Thankyou both, Elizabeth and Veggie Gnome, for your advice, I'm on the way, right now with the secateurs, to cut it off.