Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strawberries anyone ?

Not quite the first strawberries, but
the first time there has been enough
for two people to share. I'm rather
pleased with the size of them.
Second thoughts.........maybe I'll eat them
all by myself !!
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Veggie Gnome said...

Oh yum! They look fantastic!

Share? Please? ;)

Olive said...

Sorry, too late !

molly said...

We are picking ours too, they are SO different to the cardboard supermarket ones, I wonder why more don't grow their own!


Olive said...

I agree Molly, they are sooo soft and sweet, especially the Hokowase. We have had a blast of very hot weather the last couple of days and some have been scorched by the sun, so yesterday I lightly covered them with pea straw.