Thursday, November 20, 2008

Broccoli and leeks straight from the garden

Two beautiful leeks for dinner tonight,
picked and into the pan with some
broccoli to steam. A cheese sauce to
pour over ..... delicious. From the
garden and eaten, all within 40 minutes
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Veggie Gnome said...

That looks & sounds absolutely delicious!
Yum yum.

What happened to that bucket of peas?

Olive said...

Golly, gosh, you are the fastest little Veggie Gnome around !!
The peas are all tucked away in the freezer, for another day. Took me over 2 hours to shell them all.

Veggie Gnome said...

Do you blanch them before freezing? Or freeze them fresh out of the pod?

Olive said...

They were frozen fresh. Bagged into meal size portions and put in a plastic box for safe keeping. This method has worked well in the past, so I hope it works well for long term freezing. You will hear me crying if it doesn't work. They are just sooo sweet and tender. One more pick and then what is left will be seeds for next year.

molly said...

Those vegies look delicious! WTG!