Friday, December 5, 2008

Still here! The baby birds have hatched

Outside of my back door I have a pot with a rather large succulent growing in it. It has been difficult to do much work in my garden because in the said pot, a couple of beautiful Superb Fairy Wrens have built a nest and laid 4 eggs. How such a tiny bird can push out eggs of that size is beyond me, but she did! Because we didn't want to disturb her, we have been trying to avoid using this door, next to the veggie garden. Well now they have hatched, and in a couple of days I should be able to take a picture. Mother and Father are busy bringing insects for their dinner, all day long. It is a privilege to have them build a nest so close to the garden, as they eat all the little garden pests. (another reason NOT to use chemicals) So, it looks as if I will need to keep the old lettuce growing, which has little flying things living on it, until the babies have "flown the coop" The other night we heard a great twittering and when we looked out the window, there was a Kookaburra sitting on the sprinkler and they were trying to shoo him away! Kookaburra was probably not at all interested in the baby birds, more likely looking for a lizard for his dinner. The lizards have made my veggie garden their home, they LOVE the strawberries. Oh well, all living creatures have to eat something. (I just wish it wasn't my strawberries)

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