Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reflection of the sunset

Sorry for the untidy mess in the foreground, but the reflection from the setting sun on this eucalypt was so beautiful I just had to share it.
The untidy mess is the windbreak around some of our young trees, they are high on the hill which is in line of fire from the cold southerly winds. Popeye and I had spent most of the day netting some of the stone fruit trees, I was much too tired to walk up the hill for a closer shot.
That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!!
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Veggie Gnome said...

Do you need more netting?

Nice picture. :)

Olive said...

Thanks V/G.

We don't need any more netting for the time being, we have used up all our droppers and until we find some more.....?
I'm coming over with the "knocker" today (and some beans if you like. Popeye is picking them at this very moment)

Mickle in NZ said...

Thank you for visiting, and Happy New Year (as long as I ignore the cricket test series result?).

Will check out Pohutukawa tree stuff once I'm back at home next week. There is a conservation program here named Project Crimson I must get up to date with. Maybe once I'm back home in Wellington next week

Sending care and huggles, Mickle (currently in Tauranga. NZ)

p.s. - looking forward to seeing the comentators etc wearing pink at the start of the test match in Sydney.