Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Popeye has been busy growing gherkins, Olive has been busy pickling. This picture was taken one day after adding the vinegar and spices, showing the early stages of colour change. They will be ready to eat in about three weeeks.
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Cabbage Heart said...

Can't we just eat them now? I promise I won't complain to you about the belly ache?

Anonymous said...

I always wonder about those pickled gherkins that are done commercially. How do they make them stay green? Probably food colouring, but it would be nice to keep the green in a natural way. Mine are dismal this year, last year I had heaps.

Olive said...

You're right Cosmic, (love your picture,by the way)those bright green and very sweet gherkins are treated with colouring and look SO un-natural. They dont even taste like a cucumber. Popeye picks every other day and ALWAYS brings some huge ones that he missed the last time, so, from now on, I'm going to slice them and pickle them in the same way as the whole ones.