Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Puff the Purple Dragon and Sex without strings

Some small purple dragon carrots for dinner tonight. how do you enrich the soil so the carrots grow to a larger size, without them becoming "leggy" ? It could be that I planted them late in the season and its the heat they're struggling with.

Beans are called Sex without Strings, aptly named because they have NO strings. (who ever dreams up these names?) They bear prolificly, I've been picking from 5 plants for around 6 weeks now and there is still heaps more to come. Every other day I pick enough for Popeye and myself for a meal.
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Cabbage Heart said...

Awww! I was shocked to see the title and just had to come and look, Puff the magic Dragon represented drugs back in the 60's and well no need to mention about sex without strings. But so glad the shock subsided and there is a gardening post here after all....Phew!

Veggie Gnome said...

Yum yum! What are you going to have for tea exactly?

And can you please post your zucchini salad recipe?

Olive said...

Oh,Cabbage Heart, I'm shocked, you naughty girl !!
I wouldn't know about either drugs Or sex (without strings) LOL

Nothing exciting for tea, Veggie Gnome, just steamed beans,(sex w/o strings) Purple carrots and red spuds with Popeye's favourite--STEAK!
I made up that zucchini salad as I went along, as I recall it had oil, lemon juice, d'jon mustard, salt pepper and a splash of balsamic glaze (a purchased concoction I drizzle over tomato and basil brushcetta)

Olive said...

Veggie gnome, I forgot, I also had some strips of roasted red capsicum and a very small amount of sugar in the zucchini salad. After I cut the zukes into long strips with a potato peeler, I salted them, but if I as to do it again, I think I would not do this as they went rather limp (I thought) I stole the general idea of this salad from "Jamie at home"

Olive said...

V/G Would you like some more Zukes?

Veggie Gnome said...

I remembered the capsicum strips. They were nice and added great colour to the salad. I think the 'limpness' of the zucchini strips was really nice.

Yes, please, I would love a few zukes. :)