Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eggs from the new chickens

After much searching through the undergrowth we still haven't found where the new
Isa Browns are laying their eggs.
So, they have been locked up for 2 days
until they get used to laying in the nest boxes.
When I say locked up, I mean they have
not been let out to roam in the paddock.
The chook yard here is a 25x25 metre
enclosure, big enough, I say.

I told Popeye not to let them out until
they were accustomed to placing the eggs
in a convenient spot for us to collect.
(what would I know?)

Anyway this one was collected from the
nesting box today, all 41 grams. A little beauty !
If only we knew where they have hidden the others
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1 comment:

Veggie Gnome said...

We haven't let ours out today, either. The enclosure is not as big as yours, but still not too bad.

They managed to lay 1 egg into the nesting box today.

I'm sure you have a lovely nest somewhere hidden, too. :)