Sunday, December 7, 2008

White Sapote, Rhubarb and Chilli

A few more pictures, expertly taken by the Veggie Gnome. thankyou V/G.
What ever has happened to the Rhubarb ?
One day it is growing, just a normal size,
then suddenly the size of the leaves have
doubled, talk about day of the Triffids !!

The white sapote is flowering,
I'm hoping to get some fruit this
year, but as you can see, some
thing has already begun to take a
nibble at the buds.
The red hot chillies are
'firing' up
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Anonymous said...

My rhubarb has taken off too. I think its time to do some cropping although I have great difficulty in convincing my family to eat it. BTW, thanks for the link to my blog, but it doesn't work - you've put it in as a heading ;)

Olive said...

Thanks cosmic, I thought there was something wrong with the link. I will have to ask V/G to come over and show me AGAIN how to do it. This old brain....!! I tried for days to get it as it is.
I am about to pick some of my rhubarb and preserve it with apples, cinnamon and lemonade rind. Then it doesn't matter if no one else eats it, I can consume it slowly, all by myself.:-)