Saturday, December 6, 2008

First baby photos

First, just to show how clever the mother
and father birds are in nest building.

And, here they are! Unsure of exactly
how many are in the nest, maybe four.

Thanks to Veggie Gnome for the excellent
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Veggie Gnome said...

They are soooo cute! :)

Thanks for letting me play with your camera. What happened to the million other pictures I took in your garden? *LOL*

Watch that rhubarb! I would make sure that back door was securely locked at all times! Don't trust your triffid rhubarb!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, they must have enormous trust in you to nest so close. We have a few families that like to next in our bottlebrush trees and 'chat' to us, but never come this close to being part of the human family. Congratulations!

Olive said...

Don't be so impatient V/G. There are enough pictures to Blog for the next week. Rhubarb today. Some good pictures to come.

Hello Mrs Cosmic, Thank you. I think they chose this spot because of the enormous amount of flying insects that live in my garden. If I stand at the window of the "smallest room" in the house, I can see the mum and dad fly in with the next meal. That means I don't get much done in the garden (or any where else, for that matter) while they are in residence.