Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The men in my life, love 'em

Left of the picture is my son, r/h side is Popeye fixing my battery problems. two heads are better than one ! Sorry for the "fuzzy" picture, I find myself becoming a tad wobbly lately.

We are experiencing some very wild weather here in the Adelaide Hills, so.....when the wind dies down and it stops raining, armed with my camera (that has now been fixed) I will be able to start posting some blogs. Until then, I'll stay inside by the fire and keep warm.
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Mickle in NZ said...

Pleased your blokes got it sorted for you.

The wild stuff hits NZ tonight. For the first time ever I heard warnings of possible damaging tornados for up north. Wellington will come through it lightly.

Zebby's busy trying to demolish his quilt - its okay, is nothing fancy. Mum made it out of dacron and shower curtain material back in about 1973. Zeb loves to pull at the fabric with his teeth - Kittycat tooth floss?

Keep cosy, sending huggles,


Olive said...

Thanks Michelle, My thoughts on batteries is that they should last forever if you purchase the "re-chargeable" type, but it seems not to be that way.

We have had a very wild patch of weather for a few days, and almost 5 hours blackout last night, but thankfully this morning it has died down, somewhat. Why do blackouts occur when your favourite TV show is on ? Grrh!!

You have taught Zeb well, you wont have to spend money on dental care. :-)

Batten down the hatches, if the weather we have experienced has crossed the ditch, you are in for a wild time.

Take care, Joy

Mickle in NZ said...


What? this is what Zebbycat wrote as he sat on the laptop!

Olive said...

message to Zeb, mmmm,.nh7880-----------==, ppppppppuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mickle in NZ said...

I completely agree with you on rechargable batteries - they just should, regardless of age and usage, every time, first time.

Somehow Mickle and the cordless homephone do otherwise. Last new battery = no ring from phone (= fine by me, but Zeb wasn't too happy with only the old fashioned wired in phone a ringing)

Now have a cast off phone from a former employer (it was headed for their huge great equipment crusher in their basement when I rescued it) that does ring in the living room. And wil get new battery for the cordless being so can wander my wee home while yacking (more listening but... hey)

How are those long necked beauties from South America that you farm and love getting on??

care and many huggly hugs, from a Michelle that so values your friendship, xoxoxox

Olive said...

Yes Michelle, One of my phone batteries 'gave up the ghost' as well, the new one cost me nearly $28.00 !! Almost cheaper to buy a new phone.

The alpacas are doing great, although they look very wet and be-draggled with the rainy weather, even though they have a nice shed to shelter in, they do not go inside except when they are being fed. Strange animals, they dont mind being soaked to the skin. Sadly, I have to sell some of them and the first ones to go was Cleopatra and her baby Julius. On the bright side, they are not far from here so I can check on them now and then. We are getting older and shearing day is getting closer, so the fewer animals we have, the less stress on us AND them.

Yesterday I actually got out into the garden and pruned some of the roses !! Why do I have them, (now that is a good question,) because I always come in bleeding from the scratches?????????.
Blue sky this morning (partly) so I think today I shall try shredding the prunings. I'll take the camera with me, see if I can get some shots for another blog.

Take care, keep warm.
Ppprrrrrrrrh to Zebby.

Cheers, Joy

Aimee said...

Hello Olive, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. We have also raised a couple of pigs, and very high on my to-do list is learning how to make cured sausages like salami. Our climate here is not very conducive to the art; it's very wet and temperate. I need some kind of climate control. I'm going to search your blog for sausage references! Happy farming.