Monday, August 17, 2009

Boys Toys

The wood splitter, ready to go.
The incubators are already on the move, both loaded with eggs for the new season chickens. At this time of year I have to beg for eggs, Usually I get a couple of dozen at a time ...but now I have to ask for them....and the reply from Popeye is..."how many?" :-)
A close up of the eggs in the incubator, through the "window" There is also a thermometer and a wet wick. The wet wick tells the humidity inside.
Now here are the Mums and Dads to the chicks. The is Rocky and Rambo, the 2 largest roosters. The one on the right side is the apprentice rooster. We haven't named him as yet, he came to us as Rita, but he turned out to be a boy. They are very hard to tell the sex when they are young. The dark hen is Rosie a pure breed Rhode Island red (as are the roosters) The lighter coloured hens are the Isa Browns we purchased as day olds. Excellent layers.
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Linda said...

Hi Olive. Popeyes log splitter sure looks like it means business. I will keep your warning in mind and proceed with caution. Mine does move very slowly though.

Those are serious incubators. How many chicks do you hatch a year? We have one Isa brown and four australorpes at the moment. They are beautiful birds aren't they. We used to keep Rhode Island red bantams as pets when the children were younger.

I have been catching up on past posts that I missed and admiring your blooms. Spring is such a wonderful time. It has warmed up so fast here I am concerned that we may still get a cold snap which could play havoc with some of that new growth.

So I am not alone with my disgust in home grown least I don't feel like it is all my fault now:-) Keep us updated with further pasta making please. It seems a shame to have such a clever looking gadget and not be able to get the best out of it.

Garden Pheenix said...

Wow! What do you do with all the hatched chicks?

Olive said...

We keep some to sell at point of lay, keep some for ourselves (and neighbours) sell the remainder at one day to week old. Hopefully make a small profit.