Friday, August 14, 2009

Late Pepino and early Plum

There are three Pepinos growing on this bush near the garden tap. Somehow they have survived the harsh winter and a few frosts. I think they should have ripened in the autumn, but not having grown them before, I dont know when to pick them. I have been told they develop purple stripes when they are ready. Maybe if we get a few warm days now, that will bring them on. They are much bigger than I imagined the fruit to be, still in the pot they came in, but I'm sure that when I try to move it the roots will be well grown out of the drain holes and into the soft garden soil.
This picture shows the Santa Rosa Plum, absolutely over laden with blossom buds. Too many, I think. I hope we get some nice fruit from this tree, it is my favourite plum. Its about a month earlier than usual, the fruit doesn't ripen until late January, so it could be a disaster this year. Not only too many flowers but not enough bees.

Its a beautiful day outside today, so I'm heading out to do some weeding...........long overdue.
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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Oh no, weeding, I still haven't got on top of mine yet, lucky the soil is still soft. Should be a good weekend for it, nice and fine.