Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Great Wall of Lenswood..... nearing completion !!! Hooray !!! Today we have put the first coat of paint on the wall. Its a new type of paint with some sort of grit added to give a rendered/bagged finish. Its been a long time coming, about six years. I think, maybe a bit longer. Please disregard all the mess...the building materials and junk still to be cleaned away and the last of the paving to be laid. This is the bottom of the driveway where the wall begins.

Then next is the continuation up the drive, the black wall in the middle is going to be a fish pond/water feature. (The boy thinks he is going to put trout in there but he has another think coming, lol) the inside will need re-painting because of the cement that was dribbled down the walls when the capping bricks were put on.
Now down the side of the house where the garden has been in a bit longer and has grown almost to maturity.
Further back, down the side, outside the dining area is the weeping cherry tree that I've blogged about when it has been flowering. Its now beginning to lose its leaves for the Autumn. When I get my act together and put away all the fiy repellant, ant-rid, secateurs, rose cuttings etc. etc. it will look great !!!!! What I would've liked to have seen is a bit more contrast in the colour between the wall and the capping. But beggars cant be choosers.

Ouch !!! Our ACHING BACKS !!!
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Mickle in NZ said...

A magnificent wall!

Here's hoping there are no kingfishers around so you wont need to cover the fish pond with netting.

Huggles from accros the ditch,
Michelle and Zebby

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

It looks to be a very long wall, well done on finishing, I think maybe as the paint and the capping age you will get a bit more of a contrast. You could grow something that will hang over the capping in a couple of places to break it up a bit.

Why not have trout, you could eat them couldn't you??

Olive said...

Yes Pip, I have some sage and thyme that grow over the wall near the back door (on side of the house) but had to cut them back to put the capping stones on. At the very start, front of wall, I have planted a prostrate conifer which I'm hoping will soon start to droop over the corner. The wall measures 45 metres from start to finish.
And, regarding the trout, he already has trout and silver perch in 2 of our dams. I don't eat fish that don't come from the sea, can't stand the muddy taste of fresh water fish and that includes yabbies.

Olive said...

Michelle, hello. When we lived in the Northern Territory we had a fish pond outside the lounge room window and we used to watch the Kingfishers dive in and take our goldfish. I didn't mind this as we had so many and after all every creature has to have dinner !! I still have some (or probably their offspring) waiting to go into their new home. We have now been back from NT for 11 years !! So is it any wonder that I'm glad to see an end in sight? LOL

Linda said...

WOW....I am impressed :-) I have just come back on the computer after many weeks of abscence and am working my way through past posts. What I wall !!!! I take my hat of to you guys :-) A pat on the back is deserved. I know exactly how much time "a great wall" takes to achieve. I am with you on the subject of fresh water fish...ugh! We have just returned from a weeks fishing off Fraser Island and have our quota of that salty taste :-)

Olive said...

Hi Linda, I've missed you, thought you'd given up the blog world.
Thanks for your kind words about the wall...not bad for a couple of nearly 75 year old geriatrics ? LOL We will still give it another coat of paint but only because we still have about 11 litres left !!! The paint people said it would take 2X10 litre tins to give it one coat. UGH.
I'm with you too on the salty taste of sea water fish, here in SA we get King George Whiting its my favourite, I grew up on it but these days its so expensive, last time I asked it was $58.00 per kg.!!