Friday, May 21, 2010

Against a bright blue Ozzie sky

....the Tree Dahlias are beginning to bloom. Its a beautiful Autumn day, no rain, although the Bureau of Meteorology keeps telling us its on the way. Winter season will be with us in ten days. The bees are busy collecting pollen and in the second picture you will notice one in flight, off to her hive to deposit her "loot" before it gets too cold and (hopefully) wet.
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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I saw one of those yesterday,(twas a really huge one too) and I couldn't think of the name, you have just reminded me

Olive said...

They sure do grow tall Pip, mine are about 3 metres tall.

Aimee said...

gorgeous! I have never seen trees like that... are they native to Australia? ANd are the bees native or European honeybees?

Olive said...

Aimee, hello. I dont know if the tree dahlia is native, but I suspect not. Its not a true tree, you cut it back to the stump each year. The pieces of stem are cut into approximately 15 inch pieces buried in the earth to propagate a new plant. Its more like a woody stemmed flower.
I just had look and found that they are native to South America, according to Burke's Backyard fact sheet. Dahlia Imperialis is the correct name.
The bees are European honey bees but there are native bees here also (not in picture) they are much smaller and have a blue-ish stripe on a black body.