Friday, May 21, 2010

Autumn Glory

This is the weeping cherry showing off her gloriously colourful leaves. Sadly she had a trim when the capping bricks were put on the "Great Wall" but she will grow again and be all the better next year. I love this time of year.
When our house was built they cut a slice out of the side of the hill for the house to sit on, leaving a steep drop down to my "park" I planted 12 silver birches a red maple, (if you look closely you can just see her in the front, looking like a stick, minus all her leaves) a couple of red oaks a liquidamber and a few other types, oh yes, one of them is a pussy willow. One red oak is the one at the back in front of the eucalypts, see her leaves on the ground?
This picture is to the right of the last, the 2 pines (centre-back) are not on our property, just the other side of the fence, these, and the trees on the horizon are they only ones not planted by me. I cant belive it now, I wish I still had some of the energy I had back then,
Another view showing where the feral blackberry is STILL being removed...slowly...!! Two posts in one day? what HAS come over me?
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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

You get such lovely autumn colour up in the hills, down here there are just patchy efforts, not so cold here though.

Mickle in NZ said...

What a beautiful day in a lovely garden. We are so spoilt with the itense blues of the Antipodean skies.

Not that I saw them today - cold, windy and soggy southerly. Thank goodness for woolley hats and gloves!

cathy said...

Hello Olive
Thanks for your lovely comments and words of comfort last week. Saying goodbye to Leroy has left a big hole in my heart and he will be missed for a long while.
What fabulous colour you are having this year - I'm sure the cherry will put on lots of growth now she's had a haircut. She looks stunning against the red brick. All the other trees have a very settled look about them - lots of years of good growth have gone on there.
Don't talk to me about blackberries - we have some that seem to come back each year even after I use that so called fail safe blackberry killer
BTW I now have a new blog -
Take care

Aimee said...

ahh, autumn, and here I am still getting used to spring. What lovely trees you have. I can hardly imagine a greater pleasure than seeing trees I planted in my youth growing to full splendor. Congratulations!

Olive said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for letting me know where you had disappeared to (lol) My advice about the blackberries is cut them down to ground level and paint full strength blackberry killer on the cut immediately, making sure that it covers the entire cut surface, in particular, the "skin"

Olive said...

Aimee, our house was finished in 2000 and the silver birches were planted shortly after that, the eucalypts were planted about 20 years ago. We moved here in 1988 when I was 53 (shhhhhh) so you see nothing was planted in my youth (lol) I do enjoy looking at it but its hard to decide when is my favourite time of year. When its spring that is, but in autumn that is.

Gardening said...

You captured the fabulous color of autumn very nicely. In this month garden bloggers are not writing much. It's may be because of all those autumn cleaning. So, two posts in a day are blessings for us.

@ Cathy: Looking forward to read new posts in your new blog.