Monday, June 27, 2011

On the way home


The sign marking the border between South Australia and the Northern Territory, if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, it will be much clearer to read. This was taken at first light of the day so it looks rather gloomy. the other side says welcome to the Northern Territory. We decided to drive non-stop from here (except to re-fuel) until we reached home.

One of the other road side signs along the way. This road passes through cattle stations and are almost always un-fenced, so it is not unusual to see cows on the side of the road (mostly live ones but some times dead, hit by a car or road train) They often sleep on the road at night and are hard to see and this is why we decided to travel only dyring daylight hours. Thankfully we did not hit anything except for a small bird that flew into the side of our car.

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