Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top End

Halfway through the Northern Territory these gigantic termite mounds begin to appear in the landscape. I tried to take a picture of the hundreds of smaller mounds dotted through the shrubbery but they are hard to see in the picture because we were moving (in the car) at the time. They reminded me of a long forgotten graveyard marking the spot where someones loved ones were laid to rest.
Further down south they change shape, giving the appearance of an abstract sculpture of a human. Grouped together in many places, they are like a family, biggest the Dad, next the Mum and acouple of smaller ones, the kids.
There are many flat topped hills like this in the Out Back of Australia which once was a vast inland sea. Can you imagine the shore line, the water lapping around these hills with the top being an island?
Maybe you can tell, I didn't do very much of the driving, plenty of time to sit in the car, camera at the *ready* and day dream. LOL !!
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