Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Christmas Dinner.

What's on the menu at your place this coming Christmas? Meet Mary Christmas.....she is coming to our dinner table.


All we have to do in the mean while is to feed her well, give her a nice cosy bed to sleep on and she will join us on Christmas day.
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Aimee said...

Lovely! My husband and I have been dithering about whether or not to get a pig this year. We both WANT one, but piglets around here are expensive (I haven't seen one advertised for less than $90) and I think we would need to get two. In the past we have always raised one pig alone, and people tell me that they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind. Plus, we could sell the meat from one to help defray the costs of raising ours.

On the downside, pigs are SO destructive to pasture... we'd need to repair the pigpen... and my kids are afraid of them.

Olive said...

Pigs do make great pets Aimee, however if your children make too much of a pet out of it they may not like to eat it ? Here we are able to purchase piglets anywhere from $25 to $50. You just have to find the right place to buy one. If you are getting them for meat the girls are best. We have always only had one but my husband spends a lot of time with them to tame them down. We have had them go for run in the paddock and return to "heel" when he whistles !! Just like a dog.