Saturday, September 3, 2011

Never smile.......... a crocodile !! Just a little kitsch for the pond. I've been waiting for years to fill up the pond with water and today, after 1 and a half days (daylight hours) with 2 hoses running the job is complete. Plants are in pots and placed where I think they will look good when they eventually take off. The crocs head is tethered to the pot containing Lousianna Irises which look a little droopy because they have only today been dug from wher they have grown. We bought the crocodile in Darwin when we were there recently for Sarah and Stephen's wedding.



These other pics are some "pretties growing in my garden at the side of the pond. Just thought I'd add them for good measure.



Now all that is left to do is clean up the mess.

PS. We put 7 goldfish in the water and haven't seen them since. I expect them to grow to an enormous size in this large expanse of water.
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