Monday, January 30, 2012

What happened!!!!! ????

I don't know what happened to my post about the Purple dragon Carrots but if you take a look at the last post the pictures are there without any explanation. Grrrrrrrrhhh
Last night I decided to have a salad for my dinner and on searching the garden for the ingredients, here's what I came up with. Purple monster carrots sliced paper thin, mizuna salad greens, basil, avocado, baby tomatoes, grated beetroot, all from our own garden put together with a small amount of mayo and some grated cheese. It was very tasty indeed. Oh, and I almost forgot some chopped chives and onion marinated in Magi.
The colour of the carrot is extremely intense, so much so that it stains the fingers purple too.
I have been (in the past) blogging from Picasa but now I have the new computer, it doesn't seem to want to do it the way I know how, I comes up with a page full of "gobbely gook" and its almost impossible to find where one picture ends and another starts. You know what they say ???? You can't teach an old dog new tricks....well the same applies to Me. (lol)


Hope said...

I saw the post! I wasn't sure if it was carrots or beets, now I know!

Olive said...

Thanks Hope, they are delicious too!!

Pip said...

Olive, your blogger template might have defaulted to HTML, have a look somewhere at the top of your draft post on the left hand side, there is usually a tab that says Compose and another that says HTML, just make sure you select Compose and you shouldn't see any gobbledy gook. They were lovely pictures by the way.

Olive said...

Thanks a million Pip, I have recently changed my computer and the method that I'm used to is no longer available through Picasa. It takes forever for me to 'get the hang of it' and I would have NEVER thought of doing what you said.
Many, many thanks.

Cathy said...

Hello Olive
Thanks for dropping in and for all your comments - it was nice to hear from you. Have you recovered fully from the Christmas Day hospital trip?
when I saw the 'red things' I thought, oh Beetroot - but then I wondered what on earth kind of beetroot grew that shape. Now I know - long red carrots do lol
That salad look very cooling - I must try that combination some time - might have to do it with purple cabbage to give it the colour tho.
Take care

Anonymous said...

i planted my pureple dragon carrots in Jan (summer in nz) and its now april(late autum. i pulled one out to see if they were ripe yet and all ive gotten so far is some thumbsized carrots how long do they they take to mature WHAT am i doing wrong!? (btw im using standarded pottting mix with the odd handfull of compost in a lined beer crate as i dont have a back yard at my flat.)

Olive said...

Anonymous, I dont seem to have much luck with carrots either, I do know however, that they shouldn't be grown in soil that has been recently fed with fertiliser, you will get lots of tops and not much carrot. Always plant them in soil that has had a something growing in it that has required heavy feeding such as broccoli or cabbage. Havlng said that, my carrots are a good example of what happens when the soil is too rich with nutrients, they grow distorted.
I don't usually publish comments that come in from unknown sources because of spam, but I've taken a chance because you seem to be genuine. Thank you for your interest and I hope I've been some help.