Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On such a stinky hot day......

......its hard to find anything outside in the sunshine that looks as cool and as pretty as this waterlilly. I missed the first few flowers by being in hospital, and this one has opened up for me today.


Don't you think she is beautiful?
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molly said...

They are beautiful Olive. I have a yellow and a pink, will see if I can get a pic over the next few days of the pink, now I am trying to find a blue or purple to add lol!

Olive said...

Thank you Molly, All of mine (so far) have been this lovely lemon colour, I DID buy a pink one from a "backyarder" but that too turned out lemon. Maybe the moral of the story is to purchase when they are in bloom, just to be sure.
I'd love one of the purple ones that stand above the water on a long stem but I think it would be too cold here, the are a tropical variety.
I've just realised that my last comment must sound stupid....after all....we've had the temp into the 40 degree celcius for the previous couple of days. (lol)

molly said...

Didn't sound silly at all Olive, we get those variances in temperatures here too. Year before last was 19 days of below zero in a row, killed off things we have never seen die here in winter before:)