Saturday, April 7, 2012

Apple time !!

It certainly lifts one's spirits to drive through the Adelaide Hills (aka Mt. Lofty Ranges) with the car windows down and take in the delicious aroma of the apples ripening in the sunshine. This picture shows Pink Lady apples almost ready to pick. They are at their best in April.
Look closely (bottom left of picture) and you can see the white plastic sheeting placed between the rows  to reflect the sunlight up into the trees so that they redden up before harvesting.

         Happy Easter every one


Cathy said...

Hello Olive
We haven't seen you for a while so I assume you've been busy - its good to see you again.
Apple time is a way to tell the seasons are changing - soem days of sunshine with cooler evenings and even cooler nights.
Are these growing on your property?
Take care
ps have moved from Blogger to Wordpress - heres a link

Cathy @ Still Waters

Olive said...

No Cathy, our apples are not as well cared as these (all 2 trees) lol These sit beside the road on the way from our place to Lobethal.
I haven't been busy,far from it, just getting used to a new computer, I think I have it sussed now. Tell me....why do they have to change the layout, just when one becomes accustomed to the old way? Grrrrh You are so clever, I have never heard of Wordpress, I shall look it up (something else to confuse me) Ha-ha
Yes the nights are getting cooler, we have had the fire on each night for the last week now. It wont be long before the electric blanket is put on the bed as well.

Mickle in NZ said...

Such pretty looking apples, what a delight to see as you drive past them.

I don't like electric blanket heat (endured too much as a child), instead I have a wool-filled doona* under the bottom sheet (seriously cool in Summer and warm Winter) and a furry Zebby Cat snuggled up to me whatever the season is, bless the old boy.

Michelle XXXXXX

*see - mickle can "speak Aussie" - well, I can translate a little!!!