Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colours of the Season

 I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds us here in the Adelaide Hills. These pictures were taken late in the afternoon almost at dusk so they are not as bright as they would be if taken during the sunshine of the day.
This first picture is a Japanese maple, sadly (due to my neglect) a blackberry has taken hold of it. *note to self:, try to get down there and cut said blackberry out and poison the stump. The silver dollar eucalypt on the right side of picture has grown from seed planted by myself. Isn't it amazing how a tree of such a size will grow from a tiny seed, so small it looks like a speck of dust?

Now this next shot is the foliage of the same Japanese Maple from a different angle, the light (what there is of it) now behind me, playing tricks, changing the colour completely.

    Simply gorgeous!!

The little Maidenhair tree on the right has already lost most of its foliage, but the colour really stands out with the Silver Birch behind which hasn't (as yet) caught up with the seasonal change.
The Maidenhair has suffered greatly, I had it growing in a pot for a couple of years, waiting to plant it out in my "park" and the crazy dog that we had bit it in half (hence the strange shape) It has been in this position for about 12 years and the Birch behind for 10 years. Maybe it has the sulks.

I don't think we will eat this one !! HUGE,,,about dinner plate size.

Another Japanese  Maple further down in the park.
Very slow growing, this one is a grafted variety while the first one was a seedling. Much brighter.

Another of the Silver Birches, this one has realised that winter is on its way and decided to show its beauty. Altogether we have 20 or so Silver Birch trees, I love them but my husband (being a European) hates them, only good for fire wood in his eyes. He tolerates them because of me :)

The Liquidamber (Sweet Gum) is also slow to put on a show while other trees of the same type around the neighbourhood (I've noticed) are already bright red, orange and purple, what a variety of colours on one tree !

Last...but not least, the weeping Cherry tree that is growing just outside of our dining room window. Looking a tad bedraggled now but much better in real life.

I love this time of the year.

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Aimee said...

Lovely! It's strange to see fall color while it is spring here, but reminds me of my other favorite season!