Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some things make me REALLY angry

We live quite happily here in the serenity of the hills district, but then something like this happens........we heard from one of one neighbours   that the people that own a vineyard nearby were looking for ways to boost their business while the tasting rooms were open, using one of the other neighbours old (and dis-used) landing strip. (the landing strip was built during the last war for emergencies but has never been used as such)  Well, I thought, that will never get off the ground because the said landing strip is no longer registered or insured...and they  haven't  as yet got permission from all concerned. Case closed, or so I thought, because this airstrip runs the whole length of our boundary fence, and we would definitely say NO !!

Well last Sunday this motorised hang glider took off from the airstrip, buzzing all the local farm land around here, scaring all of the animals and disturbing our peaceful day in the garden.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not against anyone trying to build their business or youngsters having fun, but when they do so, dis- regarding the welfare of others with highly pregnant cattle.............oh !! I GET VERY ANGRY.!!   We  (and our neighbours) have cows about to give birth and the terrain of our place is very steep, imagine a frightened cow, high in pregnancy trying to run from the side of a steep hill. She might slip and fall down the slope or mis-carry, which would cause the loss of either the calf or  both the cow and calf.

I know that I probably sound like an old grump......well in this case I AM!!

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