Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bloomin' beautiful

A lovely warm sunny day today but............where are the bees ? While taking these pictures I saw a total of 2 bees, or maybe it was the same bee I saw twice !!
The top 3 pictures are plum blossoms, hopefully we will have some fruit from the tree this year.
Next we have a very bedraggled looking avocado, damage caused by the hail stones and frost, but showing the buds forming for (fingers crossed) next years fruit.
Pretty daffodils white with apricot ruffled trumpets.
A pretty Penstemon, I carried back as a struck cutting from Melbourne Flower Show a couple of years ago. When I bought it they told me it was blue. How disappointing it is when this happens, all too frequently. I have made a promise to myself, not to buy anything in future unless it has at least 1 flower showing the colour. Never the less this is a very pretty Penstemon.
Next is a couple of Camelias, would you believe, from the same bush.
Then, last but not least, a pretty little native bush that will grow to about 2 metres high, of which I do not know the name. A friend very kindly struck it from her plant.

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