Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nearly snow.

The weather forecast on the 9 news was for likely snow in the hills. It did not eventuate but we got the next best thing, hail.....pease click to enlarge the pictures. Here we have a shot of it along the southern side of our house.
Next, caught in the Agave. This poor plant will suffer. It is always marked where the hail hits and the leaves will be spotted.
Just another pot plant with hailstones. Wouldn't you know it...the batteries in the camera are ALWAYS flat when you need it in a hurry. There has been some "wild and wooly" weather here for the last few days, rain and wind. Extreme dust storms in the Eastern states. This is SPRING folks !!!
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Cathy said...

Hello Olive
It was bitterly cold at my place yesterday but obviously not 'that' cold. Hail is always interesting, I wonder how raindrops can freeze to be as big as golf balls lol
Still chilly here today
Take care

Olive said...

On Friday afternoon at 2pm it was 4.9c !! I dont think it was as cold as that on any daytime reading during the winter.

Linda said...

Hi Olive.

What crazy weather we are having around the country. Snow, Hail, rain in WA and here in the eastern states the dreaded dust storms....still cleaning up after round two!!!! The winds have been terrific, which is not helping with the bushfires....darn it...I wanted to make pizzas outside this weekend!!!! Hope you are all rugged up and the sun finally comes out soon :-)

Mickle in NZ said...

Yes, Springtime in the Antipodes.

Very weirdly we are getting rain with little or no wind - this is not the Wellington in spring that I know. We should have gale force winds with horizontal rain.

Shock/horror - I've even been able to use an umbrella. I did have to hunt around here to find it!

care and huggles from across The Ditch, Michelle xxx