Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue on blue

Blue is my favourite colour in the garden. The first picture shows Blue Pacific which grows over the side of the cut out that our house sits on. Disregard the weeds please. I have been unable to do much bending for the last couple of months. We have 7 of these shrubs growing in the garden surrounding our home. They are just about at their best now, after a good winter rainfall this year.
Next is this pretty lavender, which looks much better in real life than in a picture.
Pride of Madiera, an Echium that I planted 2 years ago is about to come into full bloom. I hope it is not monocarpic as is the Crown of Jewels echium. I have saved some of the seeds from crown of jewels...mental note to myself.....time to plant them.
Lastly, only because its not posssible to post more than 4 pictures through a picture of this very pretty iris. I'll have to post the other pictures some other time. Off to the Gnomes for afternoon tea soon. Looking forward to that.
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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Lovely, lovely blue, one of my favourite garden colours also. We have two echiums flowering at the moment plus waiting for one to flower (was a volunteer so will be interesting to see what happens)

Linda said...

That burst of colour looks wonderful. How glorious it must be to look out at all of those spring blooms. I hope afternoon tea was good :-)

Olive said...

Pip, I agree blue is beautiful. I had an amazing echium flowering last year, one tall spike, MILLIONS of flowers, easily 2 metres tall, pink. Now I have to try to get the seeds going because, sadly it only flowers once, then 'karks' it!

Linda, thank you, yes the afternoon tea was delicious (as it ALWAYS is at the "Gnomes" place.

Kelly said...

ohh lovely. the echium is one of my most favourite plants , sadly it looks good for only a fraction of the year! I do miss having them, hmm, maybe i will find a bare spot for some..thanks!