Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back in Mt. Torrens

Here is another of the old buildings in the Main street of Mount Torrens. Too many trees to get a good picture but this will give you the general idea. Some how I missed this one when I posted on Sunday, so I've added it today's blog
Now this is one of the many old houses, left to deteriorate slowly until it is no more. Its on Uley Road One Tree Hill. Someone once lived here, I wonder if they were happy, did they have a large family...etc. Maybe thats why the house was abandoned, to move to a larger house. Here it sits in the midst of a field of stubble, two dead fruit trees and a few scrubby weeds. The land all around is slowly being "gobbled" up by developers building new homes. It will more than likely be bulldozed when the owner can no longer resist the temptation of "big bucks" being paid for land in this area. Notice the "inside" walls still show signs of the whitewash painted on them.
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Cathy said...

Hello Olive
Thanks for this series of photos - theres something about SA buildings that makes them different to the rest of the other states - possibly because so little wood was used, they are nearly all built from stone and thats what makes them a curiosity.
Take care