Friday, February 12, 2010

Tomato Puree...

This will have to be posted in 2 Blogs so fingers crossed, here's hoping that I'ved sussed it out so that its all the right way around.
Firstly slash through the skins of the ripe, bright red tomatoes about half an inch or 1 cm apart.. Place in an open weave sack or muslin cloth and hang on the clothes line overnight to drip out the acidic juices into a bucket. Next morning discard the juice and bring the tomatoes in for processing.
This machine we purchased some time ago it has a mincing attachment for when we want to make our sausaages (heavy duty stuff) it has a reverse button so anything stuck can be removed without taking it all to pieces again. First attach the "screw"
Next on goes the sieve. The next picture show the process beginning. the peel and seeds come out the front into a shallow container, while the juice and pulp drops down into a tub.
This tub is kept only for food preparation. Many kilos of mince meat have been mixed up with herbs and spices in it.
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Aimee said...

this is an awesome machine! What is it called? Brand name? Where'd you get it? It looks a little like my champion juicer

Olive said...

Hi Aimee, No name on the motor that I can see. The attachments are purchased separately. We bought it from a place called Globe Importers, here in Adelaide (one of my favourite stores) a little too far away for you :) Find a good Italian kitchenware store, I'm sure you'd find one. This shop also sells wine presses, crushers and the hugest cooking pots I've ever seen, big enough to cook a whole cow....well maybe a smallish one LOL

Mickle in NZ said...

Just been thinking - difficult to collect the juice if have a rotary clothesline!

My rotary isn't a Hills Hoist however, my Folks have one, lol

Olive said...

Dear Michelle, Perhaps I should have made the point clearer about the clothesline bit. Collecting the juice is only necessary if you're worried about the stain that the dripping juices leave on the pavement, as the juice is not used for anything....too acidic !

Glad to hear your Folks have purchased an Aussie Icon, a trusty Hills Hoist. They know where quality comes from. LOL