Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deliciousness !!

This is the biggest surprise in the garden, I purchased this iris rhizome from the Meadows Easter market and it has rewarded me with this beautiful flower, most un-expected because the other irises have finished flowering months ago.
The lovely colour of the sage leaves, growing just outside my back door where I can harvest them in a "jiffy" when required to season a meal
Last but not least, celery, there is NOTHING more delicious than home grown celery. Its worth growing if only for the aroma when you pull off a stalk or two. Delicious eaten straight away or added to the soup etc. I have tied some of them up to encourage them to grow into the shape of commercially grown celery and the remainder left to harvest as needed.
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Flower Gnome said...

The chooks dug mine up :(