Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whoppers !!

We dont get much to brag about, here at the Neighbour Gnomes about the size of these 3 eggs Popeye has just collected from the chook house. The smallest one 80gms the next is 93gms but the biggest of all a massive 105gms !!
Cant put them in an egg carton, the lid wont close, so we will just have to have them for breakfast.
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Veggie Gnome said...


Enjoy them! They'd be good with some freshly picked and sauteed mushrooms, in an omelette! :)

Mickle in NZ said...

How sad - a beautifully fresh egg for breakfast. I'd have it poached as its so fresh.

It has stopped raining today!

greenfumb said...

Wonder how many yolks they'll have?

Olive said...

Yes poor chooks, must have been a been a massive effort for them all.
maybe they are having a competition. It would be similar to giving birth to a 12 pound baby.

V/G, not with saffron milk caps !!

Hi Michelle, I think Popeye prefers his googs fried, in butter!! The rain has let up for a while here too but more forecast for next week.

Hello Greenfumb, I think I'll take a photo when they come out of their shells.