Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pheasant flew the coop

At least he came to say goodbye before he disappeared forever.

One of the pheasants Popeye bred for the dinner table, or for sale

Lovely looking birds, but we cant find how they are escaping from their run. Several have escaped the completely netted in enclosure. We can
only hope the foxes dont get him for dinner. They perch high off the ground at night so maybe he will be safe for a while.
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Veggie Gnome said...

Maybe that's why our chooks have started roaming in the forest? They are visiting your pheasants. Maybe even bringing little snacks along for a picnic?

Mickle in NZ said...

Don't you just love the work of the European settlers' acclimatisation societies.

We both got rabbits. While NZ didn't get foxes some bright spark introduced the Aussie possum. Now we've over 70 million possums ransacking the bush.

You're welcome to have them back.

Huggles from a cold, wet Wellington, xxx

Olive said...

Hi Michelle, OK its a deal I'll send you some foxes and you return some possums.

Olive said...

V/G, The snacks your chooks bring over will be top-notch, so thats more than likely why they are escaping, to get some of your 5* restaurant food.

Estelle said...

Very pretty birdie. Hope he got away ok.