Thursday, November 26, 2009

All over for another year.

The shearers have been and gone. All alpacas shorn
(except one that took off and defied all attempts to catch her)
so she (Aniseed) will have to wear her overcoat for another year.

Gosh, am I glad its finished, except for cleaning the garage.

Does anyone want to buy some Alpacas?
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Barbee' said...

Doesn't that scare them to death?!

Olive said...

Barbee, they do NOT enjoy being shorn at all. Actually some of them scream while they are on the table.
Thank goodness its only one day each year.

Linda said...

Hi Olive. I just love the Alpacas. They are beautiful creatures. Such a shame they dont like to be must be so much cooler for them. Tiggy has decided that he doesn't like it when the groomer gives him a "hair cut"...he squeals as well. They are such babies!!!!It is upsetting though.

Re: the query about mixed poultry... Sorry,I didn't receive your reply...but I would still be interested in your advise when you have the time. Thanks. Linda

Marjie said...

In your picture of them in the pen, the alpacas sure do look like they're smiling! Funny, isn't it?