Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shearing day.....

Last summer, after the long scorching drought, I made a vow that I'd NEVER, EVER complain about the rain again......but when the alpacas are due to be shorn, we don't need it to rain. This is such a traumatic day for the animals AND us. First they have to be DRY then they need to be herded into our garage, under cover so they wont get any more wet than they are. Then, after we have them in for the shearer to arrive at 9am. I find out they are not coming until the afternoon. GRRH, GRRRRH !

These pictures are they "boys" in the holding pen. They will be a bit scatty by the afternoon but I cant help that. they all took off up the driveway and we had to chase them around to get them back down. The "ladies" are in their feeding pen, they will be more tetchier than the boys, its a smaller enclosure and there are more of them, but they must be kept dry. Why couldn't the rain wait until tomorrow...or tonight?

The second picture is Ezekial, poor little fellow, he didn't grow very big. It seems as if he put all his growing into fleece production. He is a strange looking alpaca, reminds me of Santa with his beard. He has a short snout and thick wool around his eyes and when I saw him coming in I thought, I cant see his eyes, his fleece is so thick............but then I realised that my husband had put his halter on incorrectly and covered his eyes. LOL

All I can say now is........."Thank goodness we have Wiltipoll sheep !" (Self shedders, no shearing)
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Aimee said...

ah, I miss our alpacas. They weren't friendly, but they sure were cute. Have fun with yours! Do you process the fleece yourself, or do you just sell the fleece?

Olive said...

Aimee, I have to sell some of mine. They are getting too much for me. I only wish I could pick out which ones to go. I think I'm only going to keep the wethers, then I spot a cute little girl and decide she cant go, then another and so on. I'm so weak.!!!

As for the wool, there doesn't seem to be a market for it. I have given some of it away, after it has cost me $25 to have it cut off !! I'm too soft !! But I'm not doing that any more.

I have had some cleaned and carded for spinning, but haven't made any thing with it yet. I'm too lazy !! My excuse is, I'm looking for an old fashioned pattern , fairisle, (making use of the many different colours) with a yolk knitted on a circular needle. They dont seem to be available any longer.Maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. WE dont have a Thanksgiving holiday here in Oz.

Barbee' said...

Olive have you tried looking on the Internet for a pattern? My daughter has gotten patterns off it. Not sure what kind she looked for.

Olive said...

Thanks Barbee, Yes I have, on the odd occasion looked on the 'net, but give up after a couple of weeks without success.