Thursday, November 19, 2009


The first crop of peas from Popeye's veggie garden. Enough for two meals for two people. Mashed spuds, peas and gravy tonight, along with a piece of steak of course. I LOVE mashed spuds ans peas, they seem to belong together. More like salad weather today though, 43C and its not summer yet !! PHEW !!!
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Veggie Gnome said...

We will have nearly the same tonight. Fresh peas from the garden, fresh spuds from the garden - mashed. And duck breast!

Linda said...

Hi Olive. I was wondering how you were faring with the extreme temps. I hope all is OK. Our pea season is over now but the memory lingers on :-)

Olive said...

Hi Linda, thank goodness for air-conditioners, Not the GREEN thing to do, I know, but....
Stay inside and keep cool.
How is your great wall progressing? We have one too,(45 metres long) but work has stopped on ours and it is something else that will never be finished. Its either too hot, too wet or too cold if you know what I mean.
There, dont I sound like a GRUMPY OLD WOMAN ? Blame it on the weather.
Thesee peas are the first from our garden and I hope there is still lots more to come which I will freeze. They are the only veg that I freeze, cant stand the taste of frozen veg. (except for peas)
Take care, :-)

Olive said...

Veggie, my spuds are not ready to harvest yet but they are looking good. So our spuds tonight will be freh from the stupermarket. LOL

Linda said...

Hi Olive. I am with you on air conditioners. I try to be extra green in other areas so that I can enjoy a chill when necessary!!!
We are working on "the great wall" again this weekend. Nearly there. So much for my plan to do it all in one week in the spring...ha ha ha. I am such an optomist!
We ate peas until they were coming out of our its beans and zuccinis...I am not a lover of frozen veg either. You are right...peas are the only tolerable ones.
I do have one question for Popeye...if we seperate Turkeys and chickens..... but wish to add other birds to our collection ie. quaill or game birds etc, which pen can they go in? The chook run or the turkey run? or heaven we need a third run?