Friday, November 6, 2009

Another beautiful Iris

This is another of the new Irises in my garden. I purchased this one at the Meadows Easter market also. Stunning !!
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Cathy said...

Hello Olive
Thanks for dropping in recently and for your comments. I sort of thought Adelaide had a Cup Day of their own (wasn't sure tho') but didn't realise Canberra took time off for the Melbourne Cup. Live and learn don't we lol
Haven't popped in here for a while and I must say your Irises are looking really ice, I love the colour of todays. Do you specialise in growing them or do they just fill a space for you?
Take care

Olive said...

Hi Cathy, Irises are space fillers only. No specialities around here. I'm only thankful for the 'crop' function on Picasa that allows one to cut out all the weeds.
I enjoy your reading your blog, I'm in awe of your beautiful pictures and your ability to write such interesting stories. Unlike me, I sit here and freeze up, sort of like tongue-tied, if you know what I mean.

Mickle in NZ said...

each iris flower you've share has been just soooo beautiful

Not so beautiful your temps this wee. Super hot weather loathing Mickle would love to head for the nearest neighbour's pool to semi-hibernate in.

I often feel tongue tied and considerably less than eleoquent, sending cooler temp thoughts and much caring love, Michelle and my Zebbycat xxx

Olive said...

Hot here too Michelle, 37c. today, forecast later in the week is 39c. Too hot,too soon for my liking. I hope that both you and Zeb can find a cool spot to park in.
Take care.