Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crab Apples and Stellata magnolia

The picture does not show the thousands of crab apples hanging inside the tree, to take a closer look, click on the picture. Any one like a bucket full of crab apples?
This shows the apples visible from the outside of the tree, starting to ripen, but this year have decided not to pick any until the end of april, when they will be fully red.
Remember the new Stellata magnolia burnt to a crisp by the sun during the heat wave ?
Well here is a picture of it now ! New green leaves and flowers.
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Mickle in NZ said...

So relieved to see plants a-growing again in your garden. Will you be making jelly from the ripe crab apples?

I'm looking forward to making quince jelly once they are ripe and on sale here.

And hope Isis and Mum are doing fine.

Zebbycat's most energetic move today was to leap back on the bed after checking out the groceries I'd bought. Nowt for him - he's not into spinach!

Olive said...

Hi Michelle, Spinach is VERY popular in our house ! Good to hear your Zebbycat is back to normal.
Zenia and Isis are doing fine, Isis is full of life, running and jumping all over the place.
Crab apple jelly and crab apple paste will be made from the fruit (I LOVE the paste with cheese) If I could work out what is happening to my quinces, I'd be doing the same with them. Each year they disappear from the tree, not a trace of them anywhere (?) This
year it has a net over it and most of them have fallen off and laying on the ground.
Making paste is very therapeutic, I stand for hours, stirring it until the spoon leaves a pathway on the bottom of the pan. (daydream time)

Mickle in NZ said...

Hi Olive, sending super best wishes and positive thoughts for your op tomorrow, and for your healing over the next few weeks. In a few months time you'll be dancing the hornpipe!

Care, Huggles, Love and Purrrumbling, Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx purry puurrrrr

Olive said...

Thanks Michelle and Zebby, I'm certainly NOT looking forward to tomorrow, but those I know who have had this op. tell me its the best thing they've done (I wonder if they were as nervous as I am) If I cant master the hornpipe maybe I'll try the hip-hop !! :-)