Thursday, February 5, 2009

No good news

or so they say. Because nearly everything in my garden has almost been scorched to death by the intense heat, there hasn't been much to report. I will wait until the autumn and start all over again
I have been doing a course at the Gumeracha Community Centre to learn how to use my computer. This session runs for 4 weeks, one lesson per week on basic Word and as you can see I'm at last finding out just how these little buttons work. It only costs $5 each lesson, real value for money. Next is Word advanced also a 4 week course.
Yesterday I went to meet the surgeon who is going to fix my hip, yes after 5 years on the waiting list, it is NOW TIME !! So I will be admitted to hospital on the 24th. February, for a total hip replacement. Six weeks later I should be able to climb mountains !! LOL.
I was very impressed with the surgeon, who re-assured me and ALMOST rid me of my fears. A very nice young man. Popeye came in to the consulting room with me, and I'm glad he did, as he heard with his own two ears, that after the operation, for a few weeks I should avoid leaning forward, no sweeping, vaccuuming, loading the dishwasher and all of the other things he doesn't do now !! (women's work) Ha-ha.
I think, in the meantime I will try to prepare my veggie patch for the autumn planting, (I should be OK by then) I have some beautiful compost to spread over the soil, then a layer of pea straw and then let the worms do the rest.


Cabbage Heart said...

Congratulations Olive on getting your new spare parts! Thats great news. As for the Garden... sigh...same here, start again I think.


Anonymous said...

I'll wave to you from my hospital bed on 23rd. I took Co. into the physician's with me and he got to know I'll have to immobilise my left arm for two weeks. I shall make sure he hears it from the surgeon too! I'm left handed so will be doing nothing much! Joy - no washing to hang out, bring in and fold. I'm putting him in folding training now .....

Olive said...

Thanks C/H and Cosmic for your kind thoughts.
I think old Popeye is not looking forward to housework.