Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr G.

This picture is of Mr. G. a baby alpaca, born prematurely on the 7th Feb. and sadly passed away during the night. We had been feeding him with a bottle every 3 hours because he was very weak in the legs and had trouble to stand. Poor mother is grieving. This is the first loss we've had in the Alpaca flock. Its rather gut wrenching.
He was named Mr. G. temporarily, because going through the alphabet, his name needed to start with G. (I forgot we already have one starting with F. and that happens when you get old like me) I wanted to call him Goliath, but shortened it to G. when we discovered his weakness.
Life goes on.
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Cabbage Heart said...

That is just terrible, Im so sorry for your loss.

Michelle said...

I am so sorry to read of the loss of Mr G, your baby alpaca. We lost "April" last year, aged three momths and I was beside myself.

We have lost two, lost a boy aged seven months as well last year. Only had one girl born and the rest were boys so losing April was sad. (I cannot for the life of me imagine what some of our countrymen and women in Victoria care going through)

We have been lucky with five births since Dec 23rd. Three girls and Two boys. One of the boys is pet quality but the other one is looking very good at the moment so maybe a possible sire. Will see what happens.

I do hope you do not have to lose any more, especially little ones.


Olive said...

Thank you C/H and Michelle, for your kind thoughts.

I have more bad news to report, Shadow, the only black alpaca in my herd, gave birth on wednesday to a stillborn cria. There are still two pregnant mothers, here's hoping they are both OK. This is the first time I have had deaths and its so upsetting.

Love your picture Michelle !