Friday, February 6, 2009

daikon radish !

Today, although the forecast is for 40C plus, I decided to do some work outside because in 2 weeks I shall be in hospital and out of action for a while. I have been saving this daikon for seed collection but it was in the way of the mulching that I need to do in readiness for the cauliflowers in the autumn. From the head to the bottom of the root, measuring around the curve....60cm !! Inedible of course but is this BIG ? Its now time for lunch, what a pity it is so woody :-)
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Mickle in NZ said...

Indeed, what a pity your white radish is so woody - they have such a wonderful flavour.

Great news that you are getting the hip replacement. And yes, the recovery is a time for taking things gently. And I really hope it has cooled down by then for both your sakes.

I haven't had a joint replacment (yet), but did have most of my large intestine removed 10 years ago so understand the recovery - no - let's call it the healing stages.

I wont yak about the cricket or the sevens rugby results (and I duck down fast here).

Keep cool, and relish that the South African rugby sevens team were beaten by the Wellington crowd's favourite "underdog" side - Kenya!!

Care and huggles, Michelle

Olive said...

Thanks Michelle for your kind thoughts.
The radish, when I cut it was hollow, totally inedible. I didn't expect it to be otherwise really as it had been in the ground for about 6 months.
A cool change has been forecast for today, here's hoping they are right.