Monday, April 20, 2009

cooked crab apples

Well the crab apples have been cooked andare now hanging in a sack, on a broom handle, between 2 chairs to drip out the juices overnight.

Tomorrow will be jelly and crab apple paste making time. Busy day ahead.

Stay tuned for the next installment.
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Mickle in NZ said...

Ah, this is a sight that brings back very happy memories for me.

Mum's parents had a Plum Tree whose the fruit was just right for eating and preserving at Chrsitmas. They lived (and both my parents grew up) on the North Shore in Auckland. (I've lived in Wellington since age 4 - we moved into the first home here on my 4th birthday)

Christmas holiday memories up there include Mum picking and eating plums when ever she walked up or down the pathway to her Folk's house.

And then her Mum, Nana to me, would be boiling up plums for jam and jelly. And I understood that no way was I ever to touch the jelly bag as it hung with the juice dripping down into a big bowl.

Dad grew up in the very next suburb (my folks went to the same high school, Dad played rugby league with Mum's brothers and his own). While Dad's Mum, my Grandma, made many jams and jellies and preserves, I don't ever remember it happening at their home. mind you they had a huge kitchen so I probably never noticed.

My dear parents alternated which set of their parents/our Grandparents we stayed with on each visit up north.

These days Dad does most of the folks preserving and marmalade making.

BTW Is my dear Folks 50th wedding anniversary on the 6th of June - yep, they married on the 1959 anniversary of D-Day.

Hope you have a gloriously clear crabapple jelly, it will gleam!

Love from Michelle and Zebbycat, we're both daft. xxxxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Yes, daft Mickle of the dodgy digestive innards(lacking most of the large intestine) has woken up to realise -

Juice to make Crabapple jelly on "the go" is brilliant, then the crabapple flesh left can be made into a wonderful crabapple paste. Scrummy food! Too fibrous for the Mickle innards. But Yummo!!!

But great for the Sth Aussie Gnome assortment to enjoy,

Super care to you all. Never been to Aussie. Sth Aussie seems a good place to start - one day...........

Care and huggles, Mickle and Zebby in Wellington, NZ