Thursday, April 23, 2009


What a job, yesterday washing, coring and slicing the quinces, place the cores in a sack and boil them with the fruit, let the juice drip from the cores overnight, pulp the flesh of the quince slices. Discard the cores (worm farm)
Today, boil the juice and pulp, not forgetting to add the sugar, stirring, stirring stirring for 6 hours so that it womt "catch" This is what it looks like after 3 hours. And just in case I was tempted to put it in the slow cooker, I made Osso bucco for dinner tonight and that takes most of the day to slowly cook. After the disaster with the crab apple paste in the slow cooker, I didn't want to chance it again.
Here it is all done and dusted, dished out into 100ml tubs and left to cool. In the morning the lids go on and into the fridge. 20 small tubs and 2 "take-away" trays, should last until next quince season.
Must go and buy some nice goats cheese. Yummo Oh and I almost forgot..........ITS RAINING !!
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Mickle in NZ said...


I sent dear Mum back up to Tauranga last week with a jar of my home made quince jelly. I'd make quince paste only the quince flesh is too fibreous for my surgically shortened "designer" innards.

Such yummo to it all, and a happy Friday to you both, and the llamas, and the chooks

Love and care from me, Zebby is snoring happily, Michelle xx

Olive said...

It was a good sound last night as we lay in bed, rain on the roof. Something we haven't heard for a long time.

Michelle, I took the cores out of the paste, which is where the fibrous gritty part comes from. It seems to be important to have them cook with the flesh, but not necessary to add to the finished paste, so this is why I cut deeply into the quinces, to remove it. The worms are happily munching on the discard.

Anzac day tomorrow, remembering all the NZ and Aussie soldiers that gave their lives so that we can live freely in our beautiful countries.

Take care, Joy

Melissa Ellen said...

I got a quince for Mother's Day, so I was overjoyed to learn what I can make with it on your blog. Haven't seen one in years.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Olive,
I used a slow cooker for my quince paste and it came out really well, hardly had to do any stirring at all, it took most of the day (cooking the quinces, then putting them through the food mill, then adding sugar and cooking some more) but worth the effort, I'm planning to make some more soon.

Olive said...

Good morning Pip, I saw your post on quince paste, and thought I'd give it a try too, but it didn't work for me. The paste that I made on the stove was cooked a tad too long also, resulting in rather a stick-jaw toffee. Having wasted one lot and the other lot edible but hard to cut, I shall wait until next year and try again. However I had great success with the crab apple paste, made on the stove, soft, easy to slice, done in exactly the same way.
There's always next year :-)

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Olive,
I have had the same happen with both quince and loquat jelly, so I can sympathise. You're so right there's always next year :)