Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crab apple jelly tomatoes and out of focus plum.

Can anyone tell me why the tomatoes always 'come good' at the wrong end of the season ? This is a self sown tomato (more than likely a seed from the compost) which has heaps of perfect tomatoes, in bunches, which will probably not ripen. We have been promised a whole week of rain for the coming week (believe it when I see it) and this will be the end of the tomato harvest. Popeye doesn't like chutneys or sauces so........what to do.
Crab apple jelly, half a bucket full of fruit made 12 smallish jars of jelly. Very nice and thick, it set well and I am pleased with it.....but on the other hand, the crab apple paste, thats another story. I tried the slow cooker method and didn't like the texture, not smooth at all, quite dark and has a slight burnt taste. I did leave it on all night on low, maybe that accounts for the taste but I think the texture is much better when one stands for hours and stirs, and stirs and stirs. Not to give up, I shall try again.........back to the tried and true.
Poor photography, I know but I dont want to walk out to the plum tree again to try another shot (the best of a bad lot) This is what happens when the season has been topsy-turvy, trees setting fruit out of season. The leaves are changing colour for autumn, while there is fruit the size of the top of my thumb. Amazing !! It will be interesting to see what it does next spring.
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Mickle in NZ said...

Beautiful jelly.

I use green tomatoes in vegetable stir frys. They don't go all mushy like ripe tomatoes would, yet sweeten a bit with the cooking. Dear Mum though I was daft when I asked she bring me some from their plants a couple of weeks back.

Hope the second batch of paste has better results.

Care and huggles, Michelle xxx(Zebbycat already snuggled down on our bed)

Olive said...

Thanks Michelle, and I shall try the green tomato in the next stir fry I do.

Tomorrow is quince paste day, the juices are dripping into the bucket as I sit here.
This lot will be good, I'm going to stand at the stove and STIR. Then if I'm not too tired I'll attempt a second batch of crab apple paste. NEVER say die !

Have a good sleep both you and Zebby