Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a BIG surprise !!!!!!

Well here is the surprise of the year. Popeye came in and told me that Cleopatra had given birth to a male cria. Here is a picture of him, maybe 2 days old (?) I had given up with Cleopatra and let her out to run with the sheep. They came to the top for a drink and thats when he saw it, came in to get the camera and took pictures (nice photos Popeye)
Here is Grand-mamma inspecting the new arrival, Xenia is the matriach of the Alpaca herd Now for a name.....beginning with J.
Rocky and Rambo, the Rhode Island red roosters (approx 4 months old) that we will breed into the line of Isa Brown hens we have.
Hopefully to improve the shell colour and size of the eggs.
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Flower Gnome said...

Wow, what a suprise. How about Julius :))

Olive said...

OK F/G, Julius it is. (maybe would have called it Julie if it was a girl:-) LOL)

Veggie Gnome said...

Aaaahhh....cute! Are they going to continue roaming or will they stay a bit closer now? :)

Olive said...

Hi V/G. I think they will be with the sheep from now on because since we have had a mild flush of green grass, the sheep will be lambing soon. Its only a short gestation period for sheep, dont want to lose any lambs to Mr. Fox !

The Mrs said...

Oh he is soooo cute! Jonah would have been nice too. Can we get pics of the lambs when they arrive too?


Olive said...

Yes, sheep pics on blog when they arrive. Our Wiltipoll sheep are ready to mate after the first green feed for the season. (strange ?) I think they have a 5 month gestation, I could be wrong, but it may be a couple of months yet'

Mickle in NZ said...

Julius is a great looking lad.

Incidentally did you know that Julius was the real first name of Groucho Marx?

Zebbycat would offer congratulations only he is far to busy ... snoring.

care and huggles from a definate Autumn, Mickle xxx

Olive said...

No Michelle, I did not know that.

Groucho eh? What a pity we have passed G. for a name, maybe next time around the alphabet !!

Thanks to you....and Zebby