Friday, July 8, 2011

The day before the wedding

All the close relatives of the bride and groom met at the Casino for breakfast, a "get to know each other" meeting. I will introduce you to some of us. (lol)
The first one is the brides family, Mother of the bride Vivienne, Sarah and Stephen, (bride and groom) and Sarah's dad David.


Next is the groom's side Tony (my son) and his lovely wife Jen with Stephen and Sarah. These pictures are at the casino poolside. Notice how the Darwinites are wearing long sleeves and cardigans? They think this glorious weather is cold !!


Then there is Us with The bride and groom. All we seemed to do during this stay was EAT. At the wedding there was 2 receptions, one in the morning after the ceremony and one in the evening at a resturaunt called Hanuman, oooh yum-yum !!


Next shot inside the casino at breakfast, after all that's what we went there for. All told there was about 20 people at this early morning meeting, Sarah's grandparents had traveled all the way from Tasmania.

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